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Added 07-07-2019


Dining Service Servers and Dishwashers

Davidson College Dining Services is now hiring staff for Fall Semester.  Application review and interviews will begin in late July for positions that start the second week of August.   These are temporary positions that will expire at the end of May.

The Dining Service Server provides general support to the serving line in the main college dining hall known as Vail Commons.  The work includes serving food, making deli sandwiches and pizzas to order, cleaning equipment and serving areas and stocking serving areas. During the academic year the dining hall operates seven days a week, three meals a day for the students, guests, staff and faculty of the College. 

The Dining Service Dishwasher works in the dish room - washes and stores dishes, cooking pans and utensils used during meal service. 

Although prior food service experience and knowledge is helpful, it is not an initial job requirement.  We will train an employee who is willing to learn, reliable in attendance, interacts well with other people, has good customer service skills, displays consistency with assigned duties and demonstrates a desire to help coworkers and customers. 

Applicants must be able to work a flexible schedule that includes evenings and weekends.  Typical shifts are from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. The dining hall schedules staff according to the needs of the students and various events. Work schedules are not fixed as they rotate from week to week.

The specific duties of this job include:

  • Serves food or works dish room during the meal hour. Assists with food preparation and restocking of service areas as needed.
  • Prepares assigned work area for meal service.
  • Cleans the dining facility which includes sweeping, mopping, taking trash to dumpster and cleaning restrooms.
  • Other duties may be assigned and employees may serve at catered events from time to time.

Meals are included during the employee's normal work hours.

Specific details

Job Type Employee
Job Status Full time
Compensation Type Per year