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This is a postdoctoral fellowship position supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  The position was created to facilitate research in the behavioral pharmacology laboratory under the direction of Dr. Mark Smith.  The individual in this position will help supervise and conduct all research being conducted by Dr. Smith and will develop his or her own line of research in behavioral pharmacology. 

Position Duties:

Supervise and conduct research in the behavioral pharmacology laboratory.  This work includes, but is not limited to, performing surgeries, training animals in behavioral tasks, and conducting behavioral tests.  The work also includes supervising the work of students and technicians in the lab, and helping the technicians when needed.  This work also includes writing manuscripts and grants, and presenting scientific findings at regional and national conferences.

Teaching and supervising undergraduate students.  This works includes teaching classes at Davidson College as an instructor, assisting Dr. Smith in his teaching responsibilities, and/or supervising senior thesis work and other research projects of undergraduate students.  This responsibility is an option conditional on mutual approval by the employee, supervisor, and department.


Doctoral degree in Psychology, Neuroscience or Pharmacology;  Extensive experience conducting research in behavioral pharmacology using animal models is required; however, this experience may be obtained in part or in whole from graduate training.

The individual must have broad knowledge of psychological, biological, and pharmacological concepts and theories.  The individual must have diverse skills and training in conducting research in behavioral pharmacology using animal models.  The individual must have experience teaching and/or supervising undergraduate research.   The individual will be required to conduct routine behavioral and pharmacological lab work that uses laboratory animals.

The individual will be a trained behavioral pharmacologist who will work as part of a research team conducting studies on the behavioral and pharmacological effects of centrally acting drugs.  The person will also supervise undergraduate research and may have some teaching responsibilities.

Specific details

Job Type Employee
Job Status Full time
Compensation Type Per year