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The FIRST Program Analyst is a position designed to provide a meaningful and substantive early academic and work experience for a recent college graduate with inherent interests in STEM, higher education, social justice, institutional change and/or diversity, equity, and inclusion.  This position supports all aspects of FIRST (Fostering Inclusivity and Respect in Science), a $1M, five-year Inclusive Excellence initiative at Davidson College funded by an HHMI grant.  FIRST facilitates campus efforts to foster more inclusive environments that promote the success of all students, with particular emphasis on new majority students in STEM.  The FIRST Program Analyst will report to the FIRST Project Director and Leadership Team, engaging in the planning, execution, and analysis of professional development activities for STEM faculty/staff as well as institutional action teams examining policies and structures that affect inclusion and success.  In addition, the Fellow will directly design a research project and forge new ways of understanding, capturing, and translating student and alumni experiences to help improve inclusion and success in STEM at Davidson.  With generous professional development funding (for training, conference attendance, etc.), this position allows a recent graduate to design a unique plan that simultaneously supports FIRST and furthers her/his/their future educational and/or career goals. 

Position Duties:

Professional Development -  Responsible for collaborating with the FIRST leadership team to organize, coordinate, execute, and assess a wide variety of professional development opportunities (workshops, discussions, book clubs, seminars, etc.) related to STEM education and/or diversity, equity, and inclusivity and support projects by individual STEM faculty members. 

Institutional Change -  Responsible for collaborating with the FIRST leadership team to support FIRST Institutional Action Teams that identify and improve/remove barriers to inclusion and success such as institutional policies, structures, and systems. 

Capturing and Translating Student and Alumni Experiences -  Responsible for creating and fostering safe feedback mechanisms to help translate Davidson student and alumni experiences into advice and feedback for faculty and future students to improve inclusivity and success in STEM at Davidson. 

Research -  Responsible for designing and executing a research project critically examining at least one important dimension of inclusion and/or STEM education that will support FIRST’s goals.  This potentially publishable project may be quantitative and/or qualitative in design and conducted with guidance and support from the FIRST core leadership team and other partners as appropriate.

Project Management and Miscellaneous Projects -  Maintain and update FIRST databases, resources, websites, social media, etc.  Contribute to the timely completion of project budgets, assessments, reports, etc.  Assist in additional projects that support FIRST’s goals of increasing inclusivity on campus generally and/or in STEM specifically. 


Bachelor's Degree;  Preference given to any member of Davidson class of 2019, 2018, or 2017.  Must possess strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.  Must have abilities to work with numerous college constituencies including students, alumni, and faculty/staff.  Must be able to work independently (self-motivated), reliably, and collaboratively on multiple projects simultaneously.  Must have inherent interests in fostering inclusive climates, advancing higher education, improving undergraduate STEM education, and/or catalyzing positive institutional change.  Experience in designing, conducting, and analyzing surveys and interviews through quantitative and/or qualitative measures is preferred though not required (training can be arranged).   Must have proficiency in Microsoft Word & Excel.  Must be willing to learn Word Press and other software as needed. 

Specific details

Job Type Employee
Job Status Full time
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