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Overall administration and management of a vigorous program of outdoor adventure activities for students, faculty, and staff based out of the College Union. The Director is responsible for assuring that all Davidson Outdoors (DO) programs are well planned, organized, safe and competently led. The Director develops and monitors a peer and self-evaluation system for student trip leaders; and serves as a resource to campus groups using outdoor activities for recreation, leadership development and team building.


Provide administration and management of staff and student-led outdoor experiential learning and recreation program within the College Union; develop and monitor safety standards and risk management plans in line with current standards; develop and manage annual operating budget; maintain over $85,000 equipment inventory; maintain records of programs, trips, accidents and incidents; responsible for overall coordination and supervision of one professional staff, one part-time administrative staff, and a host of student employees; responsible for overall management of the Davidson Outdoors challenge course.

Develop student trip leader positions and training curricula for Davidson Outdoors; develop and monitor the minimum requirements and expectations for each level of student leadership; Conduct trip leader training extra-curricular courses each year; Provide for Wilderness Adv. First Aid or First Responder courses and CPR trainings each year; develop and monitor a peer and self -evaluation system for student trip leaders; develop and maintain driving guidelines and driver training procedures for Davidson Outdoors drivers.

Develop and manage the outdoor Odyssey program to provide outdoor Odyssey experiences for as many members of the incoming class as feasible. Plan and implement outdoor Odyssey intern selection and 2-week training; supervise conduct of registrations for program; conduct medical screening of Odyssey registrants to assure appropriate participation; supervise outdoor Odyssey leader student interns over an 8-week period each summer.

Develop course formats, teaching progressions and guidelines for all activities offered by Davidson Outdoors; provide various levels of backpacking, orienteering, group development activities and a minimum of four of the following outdoor activity areas: whitewater canoeing and canoe tripping, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, bicycle touring, mountain biking, caving, etc. Ensure program provides 12 to 14 such trips each semester, and personally lead or teach up to 6 or more outings and courses each semester.

Provide communication with students, administrators, faculty, and peers in the outdoor experiential learning field. Coordinate with faculty and other Student Life offices to provide adjunct outdoor programming to enhance an academic course or student trainings provided by another office or department.

Serve as adviser to the student officers of Davidson Outdoors and DO Executive Board to assure prompt scheduling and promotion of trips and events appropriate to the DO mission. Work closely with the student leadership to provide for fiscal management of a significant program budget.


Bachelor's degree; Minimum 4 year’s experience in the profession with appropriate balance of field instruction, program development and administrative experience; valid driver's license with the ability to drive vehicles pulling trailers.

Prefer: Master's degree in Outdoor Education, Administration or Leadership, Field Sciences or Student Development; keen understanding of the liberal arts educational environment at an academically rigorous institution.

Other skills needed/preferred: History of actively guiding and teaching in at least 3 program activity areas, with Instructor Trainer standing for at least 2 years in at least one discipline preferred.
Significant personal experience in at least 3 of the following:
WW Kayaking or Canoeing, class 3 minimum
Sea kayaking, coastal
River and lake canoe tripping
Rock climbing (Multi-pitch lead climber at 5.8 level)
Facilitation & management of Challenge Courses, initiative and team building exercises
Backpacking and Leave No Trace backcountry travel skills, with trips over 4 days in length
Bicycle touring
Winter camping and travel skills

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Job Type Employee
Job Status Full time
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