Deliberative Citizenship Initiative Assistant Director

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Added 09-12-2022


Job no: 494236
Categories: Staff
Department: Political Science

New employees with a start date on or later than March 1, 2022 must be fully vaccinated when they first report to work at Davidson College. Please see the full new hire vaccination policy here.

The Assistant Director of the Deliberative Citizenship Initiative (DCI) reports to the DCI Faculty Director and is responsible for the development, implementation, and assessment of the initiative’s programs and components. These include efforts to create opportunities for productive dialogue and deliberation in diverse classroom settings, outside of the classroom, and in the community. In order to effectively complement existing programs and initiatives, this position requires regular communication, coordination, and collaboration with relevant offices, departments, and student organizations across campus and within the local community. 

Responsibilities include:

  1. Managing the Deliberation Across the Curriculum Program, Campus Engagement Program, Community Engagement Program, and Deliberation Research and Evaluation Program
  2. Recruiting, training, and managing the DCI Fellows, who are student employees who participate in a two-day training workshop; facilitate Forum and D Team meetings; implement their own deliberation projects; and meet weekly as a cohort to discuss readings, practice deliberating, and debrief on their facilitation work.
    1. Ensuring the time that the Fellows’ spend working is being logged and tracked appropriately
    2. Developing and implementing a learning curriculum for the Fellows
    3. Meeting with the cohort weekly to implement this curriculum
    4. Meeting with individual Fellows several times a semester to discuss their progress and challenges as fellows
    5. Reviewing recordings of their work as facilitators to provide feedback on their performance
    6. Providing feedback on fellows’ draft blog posts and posting edited versions to the DCI Blog
  3. Organizing the initiative’s Deliberative Citizenship Speaker Series, Deliberative Citizenship Training Workshops, Deliberative Forums, and “D” Teams
    1. Designing the events so that they run smoothly and meet their objectives
    2. Developing marketing materials for each event and sharing it with relevant audiences
    3. Arranging the online and/or in-person logistics of each event
    4. Tracking event registrations and assigning participants to groups that have multiple perspectives represented
  4. Hosting social events to build a sense of community among those engaged or interested in the DCI
  5. Maintaining and updating the initiative’s website and social media presence
    1. Posting regularly to the DCI Blog
    2. Posting daily/weekly to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  6. Tracking, assessing, and reporting on the initiative’s progress and outcomes
    1. Collecting and tracking event attendance and participation data
    2. Collecting and analyzing data from pre- and post-event surveys
    3. Compiling these and other data into an annual report
  7. Organizing meetings of the initiative’s Co-Conveners and Advisory Council
  8. Developing DCI resources and documents, including Deliberation Guides, Pathways Guides, and facilitator training materials that require extensive research, citations, and review
  9. Assisting with relevant research projects
  10. Developing and awarding deliberative citizenship badges and certifications to participants in the initiative’s activities
  11. Connecting, communicating, and coordinating with relevant faculty members, college offices, student organizations, and community organizations
  12. Managing the expenses of the initiative and ensuring that they stay within the allocated budget
  13. Managing special projects related to the mission of the DCI as identified by the DCI’s Faculty Director and Co-Conveners.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Four-year college degree
  2. Enthusiasm about providing deliberation opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Familiarity with the research and literature on dialogue, deliberation, democracy, and higher education
  2. Experience working with both student and community organizations
  3. Experience coordinating complex projects with multiple components
  4. 3+ years of professional experience in a related area
  5. Master’s degree in a related field
  6. Familiarity with WordPress and graphic design platforms
  7. Participation in dialogue and/or deliberation training programs


This is a limited-time, grant-funded 1-year position that will report to the DCI Faculty Director. However, there may be opportunity for longer-term employment contingent upon additional funding.

To apply, please go to and attach a resume and cover letter with the online application. 

Priority review of applications will begin on September 26, 2022, and will continue until the position is filled. The anticipated start date of this role is October 17

At Davidson College, we believe the college grows stronger by recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff committed to building an inclusive community.  In order to achieve and sustain educational excellence, we seek to hire talented faculty and staff across the intersections of diverse races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, political perspectives, abilities, cultures, and national origins.



Advertised: 01 SEP 2022 Eastern Daylight Time


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