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The Fellow for Civic Engagement serves as the central staff member in the Lula Bell’s Resource Center.  Coordinates stock through donations and shopping of all goods (food, clothing, textbooks, etc.)  tracks use of resources.  Advises a student leadership team to plan and implement multiple programs at Lula Bell’s each month and also works on events within the Center for Civic Engagement, specifically “just in time” programming to respond to current events. Creates and maintains publicity materials and publications as well as social media tools for Lula Bell’s.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage the physical space in Lula Bell’s and activities within the space.  Coordinate collection and orders of items (e.g., food, books, clothes) and display of those items.  Interview, schedule and supervise volunteers to create a safe, clean and fun environment.  Create and maintain a tracking system for what resources are utilized.  Maintain a programming calendar and communicate with outside speakers or workshop facilitators.
  • Coordinate the Summer Service Odyssey pre-orientation program including the recruitment, hiring and training of student trip leaders; recruitment and registration of participants and program assessment.  Support and advise trip leaders on logistics, service projects, and reflection activities.
  • Devise pop-up or “just in time” programming in response to relevant events in our communities (e.g., disaster relief or protests in Charlotte).  Reach out to campus groups to collaborate and, in the case of coordinated efforts, serve as the front line to communicate those efforts to divisions and departments who need to be made aware.  Periodically pose questions on social media or to volunteers to determine any needs for discussion on current topics.
  • Develop and introduce a branding and publicity campaign for Lula Bell’s as a resource and for individual programming that takes place during the year.  Maintain social media accounts to promote Lula Bell’s as an active and vibrant space while also promoting relevant campus/community events (including giveaways, free food, etc.). 
  • Professional Development: Attend meetings of the Center for Civic Engagement staff and student life staff development sessions.  Serve on working groups and committees as needed.  Research and share best practices related to access on college campuses.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Strong written and oral communication

Preferred Qualification:

  • Experience with civic engagement programming 

Specific details

Job Type Employee
Job Status Full time
Compensation Type Per year