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As a member of the Division of Student Life, the AC will join a competent, committed team who cares deeply about students and actively works to promote a welcoming, socially just environment for all people.  The AC serves as a front-line responder in campus emergency situations, is often required to work non-traditional hours, including evenings and weekends, and works closely with a diverse student population.

Each AC maintains a collateral, an affinity group, and a focus in one of three areas within the department: First-Year Experience, Sophomore Experience, and Upperclass Experience.  The collateral each person is assigned may change from year to year depending on college or departmental goals and initiatives.   New collaterals may be created based on the individual strengths and passions that each AC brings to the position.   Each AC will also work to foster advising, mentorship, and support for students outside of the residential community.



  1. STAFF SUPERVISION – recruit, select, train, supervise, evaluate and facilitate professional development for 15-22 student staff members.
    1. Partner with student staff to develop individualized and intentional action plans for personal, professional, and communal growth, as well as leadership development.
    2. Meet bi-weekly with each student staff member to assess hall environments, student concerns and behaviors, hall trends, and programmatic offerings.
    3. Meet weekly with area staff to assess overall health of community, encourage collaboration between student staff members, provide ongoing job training, and build area residential teams.
    4. Provide goal setting, mid-year evaluation, and year-end evaluation for each staff member.
    5. Offer monthly professional development opportunities for student staff members.
    6. Collaborate with area staff to create a residential curriculum plan to meet the specific needs of that area. 
    7. Assist student staff in responding to student issues, including roommate conflicts and physical, emotional, identity, or psychological concerns.
    8. Directly oversee the student staff duty process.  Advise or assist staff in responding to concerning incidents or potential policy violations in and around the residence halls. 


  1. AREA MANAGEMENT – manage daily operations for specific residence halls and/or apartment buildings.
    1. Serve as the primary lead on the maintenance and upkeep for residence halls and/or apartments in area.
    2. Assist with housing operations such as room condition reports, key management, and room changes.
    3. Respond to facility concerns in an ongoing way in collaboration with the RLO Coordinator for Facilities, Building Services, and Physical Plant
    4. Perform monthly facility inspections on each residential facility.
    5. Oversee student staff as they conduct health and safety inspections for every student room in area each semester.
    6. Manage residence hall opening and closing at the beginning and end of each semester.
    7. Serve as the Area Coordinator On-call on a rotational basis, advising student staff members, responding to serious incidents on campus, and going to the hospital to support students as needed.
    8. Adjudicate violations of Residence Life policies within area of supervision.  Adjudicate first offense alcohol incidents in conjunction with the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Judicial Affairs.  Meet with residents to discuss behaviors, adjudicate or refer as appropriate, and follow-up as needed.  Document through the Maxient Conduct system. 


  1. GENERAL PROCESSES – participate in overall management of residence life office through leadership in departmental and divisional processes.
    1. Assist with the development, planning, and implementation of a comprehensive student staff-training program, including the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and monthly in-service gatherings.
    2. Participate in the recruitment and selection processes for student and professional staff.
    3. Assist with most aspects of the housing assignment process – including lottery and room selection and first-year roommate pairing and hall placement.
    4. Attend and participate in weekly Residence Life staff meetings, monthly Student Life meetings, annual retreats, and other gatherings as needed.


  1. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – collaborate with institutional partners and resources for the continued development and support of students, staff, faculty, and others
    1. Oversee and establish a positive living environment within unique residential communities and the College. 
    2. Assist with the development and implementation of the RLO Residential Curriculum within residential communities
    3. Support a unique student population (not based on residential criteria) via program attendance, mentoring, advising.
    4. Participate in divisional committees, selection processes, training, and development opportunities
    5. Serve as sources of information about College and its resources to students, staff, faculty, families, and others.


  1. RESIDENTIAL FOCUS AREA – each Area Coordinator is responsible for one of the focus areas listed below.
    1. First-Year Experience – co-lead with Associate Director departmental efforts to develop and strengthen our first-year experience program.
      1. Work with Orientation staff to integrate orientation programs and student staff efforts to best support first-year students transition to Davidson College.
      2. Develop and facilitate a leadership and training program for student staff working with first-year students.
      3. Support the work of the Associate Dean for Academic Administration in connecting and strengthening the relationships between advisers and first-year students.
      4. Coordinate with other offices to design and implement a first-year program in the residence halls.
      5. Work with the Area Coordinator for the Sophomore Experience on transition activities between class years.
    2. Sophomore Experience – co-lead departmental efforts to develop and strengthen our sophomore experience program.
      1. Coordinate Sophomore Discussion Series to promote connections and developmentally-appropriate reflection through small-group discussion under the co-facilitation of a student and administrator team.
      2. Organize Passport to the Sophomore Year to showcase campus resources to sophomore students.
      3. Continue to develop and launch a Sophomore Strengths program grounded in Strengths-Based Learning literature and best practice.
      4. Coordinate sophomore class-wide gatherings, including a Welcome Back Social and Sophomore Send Off.
      5. Work with the Area Coordinator for First Year Experience and Upperclass Experience on transition activities between class years.
    3. Upperclass Experience – co-lead departmental efforts to develop and strengthen our upperclass experience
      1. Coordinate Upperclass Programming Series to highlight campus resources available for junior and senior students to enhance Davidson College experience.
      2. Collaborate with campus and community partners to aid in upperclass development of life skills including global citizenship, navigation of social environments, and self-awareness.
      3. Work with Career Services and Alumni Relations to begin transition of senior students to life post commencement in areas of career preparedness and networking.
      4. Coordinate Senior class specific gatherings, including Senior Mug Night.
      5. Work with the Area Coordinator for Sophomore Experience on activities impacting multiple class years.


    1. Collateral Assignments – lead or co-lead departmental or divisional initiatives and efforts to support the Davidson College community.   Examples of collateral assignments include but are not limited to assessment, residential facilities, student leadership, etc. 
    2. Summer Responsibilities - participate in departmental or divisional initiatives and efforts to support the Davidson College community during the summer months (May - August).  Examples include working with student orientation planning, facilities, and student leadership development.
    3. All other secondary duties as assigned pertaining to the needs of the department of Residence Life, the division of Student Life, and/or Davidson College



  1. Master’s Degree in Student Personnel, Counseling, or related field and/or 2 years of relative professional Student Affairs experience required. 
  2. Competency in Student Learning & Development, Social Justice & Inclusion, Advising & Supporting, and Personal & Ethical Foundations strongly preferred.  
  3. Event planning and management experience preferred.
  4. Exceptional organization, communication and counseling skills.
  5. Experience in student development, or related field.
  6. Ability and willingness to learn, including self-help, and grow with technological change strongly preferred.
  7. Professional manner/demeanor; positive image and tidy appearance.
  8. Willingness to work with a team and accept various levels of responsibility.
  9. Creativity and a desire to become incorporated into the College community and activities.



Compensation includes competitive salary; professional development funds; full College benefits package; furnished college apartment including: full utilities, free high-speed internet connection and basic cable and/or Direct TV; reserved parking space (permit is free).  ACs are permitted to have a pet. 


Negotiable.  July 1 preferred.

Work Environment:

The Residence Life Office at Davidson College consists of a team of competent professionals who are committed to student learning and care about students and each other.  The staff includes an Associate Dean / Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, Housing Operations Coordinator, Facilities and Budget Coordinator, three Area Coordinators, and Office Manager and roughly 66 student staff members.  The Area Coordinator position reports to the Associate Director of Residence Life and is an integral part of the RLO team called upon to assist in all areas of the program.  Hours are non-traditional and some weekend work is required.

Specific details

Job Type Employee
Job Status Full time
Compensation Type Per year